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Alexis Deacon

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Title Beegu
Rating 2389 stars
Author Alexis Deacon
Pages 40
Isbn 0099417448
Review Beegu tells the tale of an adorable little three-eyed alien who unexpectedly finds herself alone on Earth after her spacecraft crash-lands, leaving her stranded. Feeling bewildered and alone as she awaits a rescue signal from her mother Beegu sets off to find friends with the strange creatures she comes across. Ignored by both the rabbits and leaves she seeks friendships from the adults she finds in the city of London, only to be dismissed. Sad and alone she finds comfort in a box of abandoned puppies outside an animal shelter but it is soon apparent that “Beegu wasn’t wanted there” when she is discovered by an adult. Beegu soon finds some children in a playground who are accepting and become her earth friends until an adult finds her and she is once again discarded. As Beegu falls asleep afraid and alone and uncertain of her future on Earth, she awakens to hear her mother calling from her UFO. She retells her Earth experience to her parents describing the earth creatures as big and unfriendly “but there were some smaller ones who seemed hopeful”. Beegu will always remember her new friends and hope they will remember her too!

This book is charming and an excellent read for KS1 children, particularly Foundation stage and for classrooms with UAL and SEN children. The beautifully simplistic illustrations convey a lot of emotion, and children and adults alike will be able to interpret when Beegu is happy and sad. The loneliness felt by Beegu is heartfelt and I believe a lot of children will be able to empathise with her emotions at being a stranger in a new environment. This book teaches the importance of being kind to others and welcoming others into a new environment. It would be an excellent book for teachers to use when welcoming new students into the classroom, encouraging the children to be considerate and make sure no one in the class feels anxious and isolated like Beegu.

This book can be used across the curriculum. It can encourage children’s creativity in art as they design and make Beegu figures, as well as making alien friends for Beegu to play with. Inspiring children’s creative writing, they can describe and create the planet where Beegu originates and describe new planets Beegu can discover with her friends.


Review for ‘Beegu’ written by Alexis Deacon
Beegu is described by Alexis Deacon as a creature that was lost and illustrations show a space ship which has crashed onto Earth. Beegu attempts to communicate with things such as the trees. It is made apparent to the reader that Beegu is longing for her mother and she feels lonely as she is in a strange place with no friends. Beegu searches for some friends and eventually finds comfort with puppies sleeping in a cardboard box however Beegu is soon rejected when somebody finds her. Then Beegu tries to befriend some children playing in a playground and they accept her friendship and so Beegu joins in with their games. Although a grown-up with the children soon finds Beegu and so she has to leave. The story is concluded by Beegu’s family finding her on Earth and returns back home.

I believe that this book would be best suited for children in key stage one. It is an excellent tool for a teacher as they can encourage children to emphasize with Beegu. In relation to school the story of Beegu could be used to reinforce classroom rules as everyone should be included to make sure no children feel like Beegu when she is lonely. What’s more the illustrations are cleverly created to ensure the reader can see how lonely Beegu must feel when she is so far away from home. The illustrations of the book could inspire a follow up activity such as the children creating their own spaceships. Homework could be set for them to collect any empty bottles or cardboard boxes from home which could be used in an art lesson. To incorporate creative writing the children could also describe where Beegu lives.

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